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07.10.2019 Press releases

MedImpact’s Managed Care Residency Program Receives 8-year Accreditation.

After extensive evaluation, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists accredits MedImpact’s program for full term

San Diego, CA (10/07/2019)— MedImpact, the nation’s largest independent pharmacy benefit manager, announced today that the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), in partnership with the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP), awarded the company’s Managed Care Residency Program a full 8-year accreditation.


“We feel a great sense of responsibility to help mentor and train the next generation of managed care pharmacists, and we are honored to have our residency program recognized for clinical and teaching excellence.”


"This accreditation attests to the quality of MedImpact’s clinical services and the dedication of the program’s preceptors to provide new practitioners with the specialized knowledge and skills required to be successful in this rapidly changing industry," continued Haw.

MedImpact’s Managed Care Pharmacy Residency Program is designed to provide future managed care leaders advanced training and mentorship from some of the industry’s most experienced and accomplished practitioners. The highly competitive program provides postgraduate training in clinical analytics, formulary and medication use management, health outcomes research, and other core managed care disciplines.

To be accredited, residency programs must meet or exceed all of the accreditation standards through a site survey and rigorous evaluation by ASHP’s Commission on Credentialing. MedImpact’s program was awarded the maximum length of accreditation.

“We have a team of extraordinarily talented and innovative professionals,” said Dale Brown, President of MedImpact Healthcare Systems. “We are pleased to share their expertise with up-and-coming managed care professionals and help shape the future of our industry.”


About MedImpact

MedImpact is the PBM that puts clients and consumers first. For 30 years, it has had a single mission: To make pharmacy benefits affordable, understandable, and transparent. Today, MedImpact’s team and technology serve many large employers and plans, and more than 55 million consumers in the US and around the world. Learn more at medimpact.comor follow us on Twitter@MedImpact.

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