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28.01.2019 Client news

Combating the opioid crisis together.

MedImpact helps reduce opioid utilization in one of America's most affected states

Alabama has the highest opioid prescribing rate in the nation — almost twice the national average.1 To help combat the opioid crisis, MedImpact partnered with Alabama’s Public Education Employees Health Insurance Plan (PEEHIP) — the largest group plan in the state with more than 225,000 members — to achieve a two-fold goal: reducing high-risk opioid utilization and lowering opioid prescribing rates.

PEEHIP implemented MedImpact’s Opioid Cumulative Dosing Program to help:

- Improve member outcomes

- Reduce overdose-related deaths

- Prevent the use of multiple prescribers and pharmacies

- Lower costs in the medical benefit by decreasing ER and hospital admissions

The MedImpact opioid solution applies point-of-sale messaging based on Morphine Equivalent Dose thresholds directly to the pharmacy and incorporates plan-specific parameters to target overutilization and optimize appropriate use. To manage member satisfaction, MedImpact conducted proactive outreach and increased communication between members, prescribers and pharmacies.

Driving results.

The program decreased PEEHIP's opioid utilization by 15.17% — with nearly a 30% reduction in plan spend on opioids. By reducing high-risk claims by nearly a quarter, the program helped decrease overdose risk and curbed unnecessary pharmacy and medical costs.

Learn more.

Read the full PEEHIP Combating the Opioid Crisis Case Study. To learn more about how MedImpact’s advanced opioid solutions can help you manage appropriate opioid utilization and lower costs, contact us at or visit

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