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who we serve

Commercial health plans.

We provide national, regional, and specialty health plans with integrated programs designed to reduce costs, streamline operations, and deliver a seamless member experience.

Clinical customization.

Our clinical strategies and recommendations help improve adherence, optimize utilization, and lower costs.

Operational efficiency.

We give you the option of managing your own program, delegating the administration to us, or sharing in the responsibilities.

Actionable data.

With our clinical and business intelligence tools, you can easily identify and understand gaps in care and target members and providers with the appropriate actions.

Proven results.

Every client has unique priorities and needs. That's why we are the PBM that offers highly customized benefit designs, formularies, clinical programs and analytics. No one-size-fits-all here. See what we mean:
How can we be sure our home delivery service is designed with our plan’s best interest in mind?
What should you consider when choosing a PBM?
Can we make it easier for members to understand their benefits?
How can we manage the rising cost of specialty medications?
Can we use genetics to achieve better health outcomes?
How can I reduce the cost of prescription benefits?
How can we help members save money and plans gain access to critical data?
Can analytics empower us to make better decisions?
What tools are available to help us manage fraud, waste, and abuse?
How can we reduce costs and improve outcomes for members of government programs?
Can we help doctors and members make better decisions at the point of care?
who we serve

Government programs.

Government programs can be complex to manage, and often serve populations with higher health risks and costs. That’s where our clinical, regulatory, and data analytics come in.

Regulatory compliance.

Our combination of clinical, operational, and regulatory expertise has helped MedImpact government program clients perform better in audits, achieve more stars, and earn greater bonus payments.

Better data.

Our analytic tools support Continuous Quality Improvement, National Committee for Quality Assurance, and other accreditation initiatives, while helping spot and diagnose gaps in drug therapy and care.

Education and consultation.

Our clinical professionals provide peer-reviewed drug, disease, and therapeutic class monographs, drug pipeline reports, and specific education programs for Medicare Part D and Medicaid plan sponsors.
who we serve

Self-insured/employer group.

We help employers navigate the complexities of the healthcare system and manage costs, while delivering the best possible member experience.


Flexible Plan Design.

We begin with the understanding that every workforce has a different healthcare profile and unique needs. Our flexible approach to benefit design allows us to strike the right balance between cost management, outcomes and employee satisfaction for each employer.

Hospital In-house Fulfillment.

MedImpact serves hospital-based employers across the country and has a deep understanding of the needs of these groups. In particular, our hospital-focused solutions maximize in-house fulfillment to keep dollars in your hospital.

Member Engagement and Education.

MedImpact offers each client a user friendly, mobile ready, customizable, online member portal with employee-specific data, including cost sharing amounts, formulary list, and a pharmacy locator.
who we serve


Through MedImpact’s subsidiary, SUNRx, we offer comprehensive and fully automated 340B solutions. In addition to best-in-class contract pharmacy management technology, SUNRx offers split billing, invoice analysis, and other services to simplify and manage 340B pharmacy programs.


340B programs can be complex to manage and the regulatory requirements are strict. The SUNRx team has been managing 340B programs since 2006, and has extensive pharmacy benefit management and payer experience.

Virtual Inventory.

The SUNRx virtual inventory program eliminates the cost, complexities, and risks of separate 340B physical inventories. As prescriptions are dispensed to eligible members, medications are tracked virtually, and replenished at the appropriate price.


With SUNRx, covered entities may use any wholesaler, switch, or pharmacy to serve their members. These options provide maximum flexibility and the greatest financial benefits.

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