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Important information about your medications —
we are here to help!

If you’ve had to leave your home because of a natural disaster, getting refills for your medication may be hard. Even if you’ve been able to go home, your local pharmacy may still not be reopened for business. You can check Rx Open to help find nearby open pharmacies in areas impacted by disasters.

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Current Pharmacy

If you’re having problems refilling prescriptions — especially if you’ve lost your current supply and your pharmacy has told you that you cannot refill early — we are here to help!
If you have your member ID card, your best option is to call the phone number printed on the card.
If you don’t have your card, please contact your insurance provider.

I'm having problems at a

New Pharmacy

If you need to get your medications replaced at a different pharmacy because you’ve had to relocate, or if your local pharmacy has not reopened yet, we can help you get a list of all your recently filled prescriptions. You can print this list or show the list on your mobile device to the new pharmacy.