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MedImpact Direct

Call our pharmacy staff toll-free at 1-855-873-8739


Member Site
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Log in to the MedImpact Member Portal to:
• View your prescription history
• Check drug prices and browse lower-cost options
• Find pharmacies near you
• Review your previous payments
• View your copayment information
• Check formulary status
• View prior authorization status

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MedImpact Direct®
Home Delivery Service
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MedImpact provides prescription home delivery services via various mail-order pharmacies through MedImpact Direct. MedImpact Direct is an easy-to-use alternative to typical home delivery that helps you manage your medications, order your refills and have medications delivered right to your door – or wherever you need. Through MedImpact Direct, you can get up to a 90-day supply of your prescription at a time with one simple payment. No more standing in line or driving all over town!

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